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Imagine a place where every thing you see, smell, hear or taste has a wonderful story to tell... One-stop shopping for the lifestyle of Provence all at your fingertips. We invite you on a journey through the South of France and its rich culture by browsing this site and its partner links. We can also refer you to one of our retail distributors near you.

You will find everything for your home you couldn't possibly bring back yourself even if you visited France. Search for the perfect gift for men or women alike who enjoy the splendor of Provence, so famous for beautiful landscapes, ancient villages, delicious food and wine, enchanting soaps, fragrances and lavender; in short: the enjoyment of life!
Med Living can offer you a feast for the senses in our products - be it traditional French fabric, authentic bistrot glassware, magnificently hand-crafted knives from the village of Laguiole, elegant reproduction cherry wood furniture in Jean Gestas, and last but not least, our exclusive line of Provence pottery based upon the styles and shapes found throughout the French countryside.

Discover renowned French Designer Lionel Barthe's imaginative pottery and furniture. His reproductions of the typical farm made furnishings are indicative of the styles from the different regions of France, such as the Savoie
(famous for the polka dotted pottery), Apt (swirly glazes), or Vallauris (Drip Pattern). We use our proprietary techniques to provide our wood-fired oven pottery, Gargoulettes, Vinaigriers, Pot de Lait or pitchers with a patina, so authentic that it is hard to tell them apart from true antiques. Our colors will amaze you in their originality and beauty. Our romantic shapes will remind you of the simplicity of days gone by.

LAGUIOLE is a charming little village in the Aveyron region of the South of France. Let ML's Philippe Lassiaille be your guide through this region famous for its knives, each emblazoned with a bee insignia. Or is it a fly? That mystery adds to nostalgic notions involving Napoleon Bonaparte's fervent use of the bee as a mark of industriousness. Actually, the knives were originally made some 200 years ago for the local shepherds. The area is France's most important cattle and sheep-farming region - hence the use of cow horn ("Corne") for handles of the folding knives. According to folklore, they would use the cross on the handle to provide a focus for prayer if herders could not attend church on the Sabbath. The shape of most of the cutlery is made to resemble a woman's leg and boot-how can we expect anything else from a Frenchman.

Nowadays, LAGUIOLE steak knives adorn many tables across the globe; a full line of tableware and wine tools are also made in the same shape as the original folding knives, manufactured with handles in the original horn, but also in beautiful olivewood, plentiful in the region, and other local and exotic woods and stones. In Europe many would easily recognize who makes the "real" Laguiole, a somewhat confusing issue since geographical names cannot be trademarked; Arbalète G. David owns CALMET, the original knife store in Laguiole. Laguiole en Aubrac is a prime example of master craftsmanship in wine items and tableware. Neron is actually located in Thiers, a few miles away, but is especially known for a commercial grade Laguiole knife, very affordable and popular in bistrots and restaurants all over the world. With these three producers we can give you access to a treasure trove of gifts that anyone may desire from LAGUIOLE.

MANIFATTURE DEL METAURO, Authentic can bistro chairs, bar stools, tables and plates, suitable for exterior use with a 3 year guarantee.

JARDIN DES LAVANDER, Personal products including soaps, shower gels and skin lotion for province.

MARCHÉ AUX PUCE, rare, unusual and unique finds.