Pottery Creation Lionel Barthe Paris

Lionel Barthe has become well known for his pottery, all re-creations of the pottery he remembers from his youth all over France. He has developed proprietary techniques  (See MAKING OUR POTTERY) to make his pottery so authentic in shape, color and patina, based on his own collection of antique Provence and other Country French Pottery, that our pottery now graces many museum collections...

Our Line Drawing catalog and Color&Design catalog show the wide scope of his collection: it is impossible to stock every piece in every color in every size, since that would contain almost 15,000 SKU's. We can make your custom order, if a particular pot is not in stock, with very reasonable minimum order requirements and terms, for delivery in 12-15 weeks. Please allow for this lead time, because every pot is hand made. The following catalogs show what we can do:


Line Drawing 


Design, Pattern & Color Catalog

The following Catalogs provide pictures and describe our pottery as a journey through the villages of France where our pottery originated....

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Pottery Savoyarde

(Polka Dots)

Les Barbotines

Poterie Provencale

Poterie de Tamgrout